Are we OK if we don’t ‘have it all’ ? A surprising and empowering message from a Hollywood star

As a woman counsellor, I can fully understand the pressure that many of my female clients feel – to do and achieve more and more in order to fit (often someone else’s) idea of a perfect and  a ‘complete’ woman. This usually requires not just a successful career but a partner and a family too Continue reading

When it comes to body fat, it may be what’s on the inside that counts

At a recent lecture on Optimum Health given by Professor Jimmy Bell, a researcher and expert in the field of obesity, fat metabolism and their effect on human health and disease, we were presented with MRI images of bodies of various ages, shapes and sizes. The body fat was easily visible and distinguished from muscles, Continue reading

On the power of stories

For me, one of the great advantages of being a therapist is being in the presence of people’s stories, having the privilege of being let into their lives and being a witness to them.

My job is not only to hear what is said but sometimes also help my clients tell their story, to express what is hidden or difficult to put into words, to notice what is not being said, to help put together what may seem disjointed, to make sense of it all.

On Beginnings

Beginnings are hard. Whether it is a journey, a new job, new relationship, new book or a new chapter of your life, taking that first step seems the hardest thing to do. This blog and this post are no exceptions – the very idea of starting them has proven to be very difficult to put into practice and I have been postponing writing them for as long as I could. The fear of the new and unfamiliar, of making a mistake and failing where all mixed into one and prevented me from making that start.

How children reacted to Barbie’s new body shape

In January this year, Mattel, the American manufacturer of the world-famous fashion doll Barbie has introduced more variety: in addition to the standard Barbie doll there are now three new body shapes – ‘tall’, ‘petite’ and ‘curvy’, as well a variety of skin tones, eye colour, hair textures and styles. Although still slim, curvy Barbie Continue reading